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I get it now.

It’s not just that Blizzard is making the creatures manly man men with muscles and spikes out the wazzo- It’s actual phallic representation.

They are adding longer, thicker horns and tusks to overly muscled animals and humanoids in some weird quest to prove that this is a severe, savage, masculine world/expansion pack.

I am really starting to wonder if Blizzard- or, really, Metzen, is having a crisis in his masculinity and is taking it out on the game.
Because this is textbook compensation, just on a bigger and more public scale.

I’m not even joking about this, I am seriously worried about the direction this is all going and what it might mean for the future of the game.


a redistribution of matter
—> “but how,” said charles, who was close to tears, “how can you possibly justify cold-blooded murder?” (an instrumental mix for henry winter)

viva la vida — 2cellos // on the nature of daylight — max richter // sons of light and darkness — helios // arte — brambles // quiet times at the library — christopher berg // what must be done — nick cave and warren ellis // death is the road to awe — clint mansell // snow — abel korzeniowski // eros — ludovico einaudi // …og lengra — olafur arnalds // the crumbling — valgeir sigursson // 46 — christian frederickson // run boy run (instrumental) — woodkid // the poet acts — philip glass // last words unspoken — rudi arapahoe // soldiers — ben howard


Thank you so much for this.

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