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Name: Jack
Birthday: March 20th
Favorite color: pink
Lucky numbers: 3 6 9 staNDING REAL FINE
Height: 5’1”
Talents: I draw and then write things about those drawings.
Last dream you remember: I was eating dinner with someone who didn’t have a mouth.
Can you juggle: I just tried. I got like two catches in.
Art/sports/both: Art is definitely my favorite, but I’ve always wanted to get into fencing.
Do you like writing: yeh
Do you like dancing: yEH
Do you like singing: Depends on the song! 

Dream vacation: Exploring the deepest depths of the oceans.
Dream guy/gal: Someone who enjoys my company as much as I enjoy theirs.
Dream wedding: A happy one

Dream pet: Some eldritch monstrosity.

Dream job: Working as an animator for a cartoon show.
Favorite song:  Carried Away - Passion Pit (currently).
Favorite album:  Deus Ex Human Revolution Soundtrack
Last song you heard on the radio: Rather be - Clean Bandit
Least favorite song: rap music
Least favorite album:  rap music
Least favorite artist:  rap music

Hair color:  
Eye color:  image

heck if i kno

Humorous/serious: jokes are nice
Taller/shorter: i’m not sure shorter is even an option
Biggest turn-off:  Hypocrisy
Biggest turn-on:  Happiness







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